President of the State Mr. Truong Tan Sang received 11th National Women’s Congress delegates

In the afternoon of March 12th, at the Presidential Palace, President of the State Mr. Truong Tan Sang received representatives of the 11th National Women’s Congress delegates. Also present at the reception was Mr. Dao Viet Trung, member of the Central Party Committee, Chairman of Presidential Office.

VWU President Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thanh Hoa reported to the President o­n the main points of the 11th National Women’s Congress including its working agenda and main tasks. Particularly, VWU President briefed the President o­n the significant achievements of the women’s movement and VWU in the term of 2007-2012, its main tasks and solutions in the next term to overcome difficulties and promote women’s roles in all fields, thus contributing to the national social-economic development and realizing the Resolution of the 11th Party Congress, particularly the Resolution No. 11 of the Politburo (Term X) o­n women in the national industrialization and modernization period. VWU President reaffirmed that those achievements are thanks to the efforts made by all Vietnamese women and the support and close guidance by the Party and State. She also spoke about the difficulties and weak points of the women’s movement and VWU’s activities. o­n behalf of the delegation, VWU President expressed sincere thanks to Mr. President for his support in different positions for the women’s movement and gender equality, and hoped that the President would give stronger support to the women’s movement and VWU activities in the coming time.

At the reception, the delegates had chance to express their desires to the Party and the State. Associate Prof. Dr. Le Minh Thang from Hanoi University of Technology expressed her wishes that the policies o­n female intellectual support will be translated into specific actions so as they can enhance their knowledge and increase the number of women holding high academic titles and educational qualifications. Priorities need to be given to female scientists in scientific research. Female intellectuals need to be assigned with suitable works and deployed in proper positions so as to bring into full play their intellectual abilities. She hoped that the Party and State will have proper policies for women in general and for female intellectuals in particular, creating favorable conditions for the female intellectuals to participate in management and leadership at all levels…

Representative from Dac Lak Province, Ms. H Em Hmock, Ede ethnic group, WU President of Ea Uy commune informed the President of the difficulties faced by local WU staffs, particularly those in ethnic areas. Because of limited knowledge, it is difficult for them to make good proposals in WU work and respond to urgent problems. Therefore, she hoped that local WU staffs like her would have more education and training opportunities to improve their knowledge to meet the work demand. She also desired that the Party and State would give more attention to improving the working conditions and honoraries for local WU staffs to encourage them to stay with their work.

Many other concerns and expectations of the local women were reflected to Mr. President. Addressing the reception, State President Mr. Truong Tan Sang warmly congratulated and wished success to the 11th Vietnam National Women’s Congress. He praised the achievements of the women’s movement and VWU activities over the past term. The President highly appreciated the women’s traditions of resourcefulness and bravery in national construction and defense along the history, and expected that this Congress will continue to promote such fine traditions. He reaffirmed that every achievement of the national development was attributed to the immense contributions by the Vietnamese women. Now that the country is facing with many difficulties in realizing the socio-economic development strategy, VWU and other mass organizations should unite and work unanimously, promoting strength of solidarity to overcome difficulties and further develop the country.The President asked the WUs at all levels to attach more attention to assisting women in economic development and poverty alleviation; promoting vocational training and job placement for WU members, particularly women in rural areas; helping the women in building cultured family, raising awareness o­n gender equality and combating social evils. The President reaffirmed that the Party and State always attached great importance to women’s development and women personnel work. He believed that in the next term, VWU will achieve and exceed its set objectives, mobilizing the strength of all women nationwide, contributing to successful realization of the Resolution of the 11th Party Congress, building a country of prosperity and sustainable development.