Overseas Vietnamese in Netherlands celebrate International Women’s Day

A gathering has been held by the Overseas Vietnamese Association and the Vietnamese Women’s Union in the Netherlands for Vietnamese women in the host country to celebrate the 2024 International Women’s Day (March 8).
Delegates joining the event (Photo: Vietnamese Women’s Union in the Netherlands)

Speaking at the event, Vietnamese Ambassador to the Netherlands Ngo Huong Nam encouraged overseas Vietnamese to strengthen solidarity and support activities to preserve Vietnamese cultural identity in the host country.

At the event, participants enjoyed traditional Vietnamese dishes and watch an Ao Dai fashion show, and a dance performance with palm-leaf conical hats of Vietnam.

On this occasion, the organizers awarded prizes for winners of the Vietnamese language contest which helped to preserve and promote the Vietnamese language abroad and attracted a large number of competitors from many countries.

The Overseas Vietnamese Association in the Netherlands, established in October 2022, and the Vietnamese Women’s Union in the Netherlands, founded in early 2023, have organized various community activities to connect overseas Vietnamese in the country.

BTA/Communist Party of Vietnam Online Newspaper