Orientations of VWU and women movement in 2023

The VWU Central Executive Committee held a year-end Conference from December 13 -14, 2022 in Hanoi with the participation of 136 out of its total 158 members. The participants discussed and decided on many important issues related to the tasks of the VWU and the women's movement in 2023.
Delegates at the meeting

The theme for 2023 was decided to be "Building stronger WUs at the grassroots with a focus on improving capacity of the grassroots staff". The VWU Central EC member also decided on the 2023 key tasks, i.e:

1. To thoroughly study and proactively make recommendations on the implementation of Resolutions adopted at the 6th Conference of the Party’s Central Executive Committee, Resolutions on the economic development of the 6 regions nationwide; to carry out the action plan for the implementation of the 13th National Women Congress Resolution, the emulation movement "Building the Vietnamese women of the new era" as part of the learning and following Ho Chi Minh's thought, morality, and style; to continue the campaign "Building a family of 5 without-s, 3 clean-s"[1] and to pilot new criteria “5 with-s[2], 3 clean-s”.

2. To implement the VWU’s two breakthroughs, to diversify forms of outreaching and recruiting new members. To support the operation of VWU member organizations and to build up a professional staff contingent. To implement the Program "Training for VWU cadres at all levels and chiefs of women’s groups at the grassroots in the period of 2019-2025". To bring into full play the role of the WU Executive Committee members of the all levels. To develop and submit to the Government for approval of the Program "IT and digital transformation application of the VWU in the period of 2023-2027, orientation to 2030". The WUs of all levels are to promote the IT application.

The year-end Conference of the VWU Central Executive Committee


3.  To focus on building a stronger VWU organization which is more professional and effective. To involve prestigious people in the WU's activities and acknowledge VWU’s honorary members. To pilot a number of new models or activities to support women in all aspects; to guide on and to establish models of uniting specific groups of women, etc.

4. To continue effectively implement the tasks given within frameworks of the National Target Programs, i.e. (1) New rural building for 2021-2025; (2) Sustainable poverty reduction for 2021-2025; (3) Socio-economic development in ethnic minority and mountainous areas in 2021 – 2030, with a focus on Project No. 8 "Realizing gender equality and adressing critical issues of women and children".

5. To improve the supervision, social criticism and policy proposals. Specifically each provincial WU is to propose and effectively implement a project or a policy in accordance to the local situations. To organize dialogues between women and leaders of Party committees and local authorities. To reflect on women's opinions and recommendations at the National Assembly and all levels People's Councils, to promptly reflect and deal with violations of the legitimate rights and interests of women and children.

6. To well implement external relations and supporting women in international integration. Specifically to continue the implementation of the Resolution on supporting women's in international integration to 2030. To pilot and replicate new models or activities, e.g. women and digital international integration, network of female leaders in international integration and supporting women in products export, etc.

7. To bring into full play VWU’s role in giving advises to the Party and in working collaboration with ministries, agencies, socio-political and social organizations to effectively implement development tasks.

Group discussion during the Conference


Also, several new members of the VWU Executive Central Committee were elected and emulation flags were given at the Conference to the provinces with distinguished achievements.


[1] 5 Without-s: Without poverty, violation of law and social evils, domestic violence, violation of population policies, and having malnourished and school drop-out children;

3 Clean-s: Clean house, kitchen and surrounding streets

[2] with safe house, sustainable livelihood, good health, knowledge; civilized life style


Translated by VWU International Relations Dept.