Mrs. Susan Schnall - who disseminated leaflets against American war in Vietnam – was conferred the medal "For Peace and Friendship among Peoples

On February 9th, 2006, at the Head Office of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations, Ms. Susan Schnall - a member of the American Women Organization for Peace and Global Exchange,

who had been imprisoned for her anti – war activities during the American war in Vietnam, was conferred by the Presidium of VUFO the Medal "For Peace, Friendship Among Peoples" to appreciate her merit and express the Vietnamese people's gratitude to her o­n her visit together with members of the American Women Organization for Peace and Global Exchange to Vietnam.


Since being a nurse who took care of wounded soldiers back from Vietnam battle, navy lieutenant Susan Schnall decided to do something by her own way to contribute to soon ending the American War in Vietnam. o­n October 12th, 1968, Mrs. Susan Schnall spread leaflets from her friend's aircraft in San Francisco Gulf informing a demonstration for peace by American veterans and soldiers in the Gulf's army camps, at an aircraft carrier and at Oak Knoll navy hospital where she worked. In the army uniform, she used to speak loudly "Bring our American sons back alive" and actively participated in anti - war demonstrations. For these actions, in February 1969, she was sentenced by the army court for a 6-month imprisonment and dismissed from the army forces.


After the dismission, she continued to support Vietnam through propagandas against war at the army camps and raised funds for several hospitals in Vietnam.


Being indignant at America's actions o­n her, o­n February 6th, Mme. Nguyen Thi Binh – former Vice President of Vietnam at that time, o­n behalf of the delegation of the Southern Vietnam Front of National Reunification to the Paris Conference, did send a message to express the deep sentiment and gratitude to Susan and the American peace loving people who, regardless of dangers and threats, struggled for the peace and freedom of Vietnam.


Speaking at the ceremony of medal conferring, Mrs. Susan Schnall thanked the Vietnamese people for their sincerity and kindness to her since her most difficult time until now. She also said that this precious award was not o­nly her honor but also the honor of all American friends who did walk to protest American war in Vietnam or did o­ne way or another contribute to ending the war in Vietnam. o­n behalf of the delegation, she promised together with her colleagues to make all the efforts to support Vietnam and prevent all threats and actions harmful to Vietnam and its people, particularly in field of health care.


In the afternoon of the same day, the delegation visited the Vietnam Women's Union (VWU). At the meeting, o­n behalf of the Presidium of VWU, Mrs. Pham Hoai Giang - member of the Presidium, Head of the International Relations Department, presented flowers and congratulated Mrs. Susan Schnall for her Merit Medal of Friendship. Mrs. Pham Hoai Giang did introduce to the delegation about the VWU and women's movements for their better understandings of Vietnam and its people, particularly the roles of the Vietnamese women in the Resistance war for national reunification as well as in the current national construction and renovation. The delegates expressed their delights at the VWU's achievements. They also shared their experiences and ideas o­n the women's issues in the US and the development process in Vietnam.


At the end of the meeting, Mrs. Susan Schnall gave the Women's Museum the painting of late President Ho Chi Minh and a calendar illustrating vividly the images of countries, peoples and great revolutionary leaders of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos in both English and Vietnamese which she has kept since the 1970s.


International relation department