Kon Tum Women’s Union launching the 2022 Program "Supporting women in border areas”

The Kon Tum Provincial Women's Union in collaboration with the Provincial Border Guards, the Women's Unions of Ben Tre, Dong Nai and Hanoi as well as Ben Tre Border Guards launched the 2022 program "Supporting women in border areas" in 04 border communes in Dak Glei and Ngoc Hoi districts. A total fund of over 900 million VND was mobilized for this launching.
Kon Tum provincial WU leaders and the Border Guards of Ben Tre province handing gifts to poor women in Dak Long commune - Dak Glei district

This activity aims to support the local people, especially women and children, arouse their self help spirit, and bring into play the internal strength of the local Party committees, authorities and community in order to build a more developed and stable border line.

Various activities have been organized during this launching, e.g. giving scholarships to poor students and providing poor women with Affection Houses, Tet gifts, livelihood support, reasonable-priced latrines, seedlings, water purifiers, blankets, warm clothes and traditional square sticky rice cakes, etc.

President of the Kon Tum provincial WU - Ms. Y Phuong presenting 82 million VND worth support to Sa Loong communal WU, Ngoc Hoi district

Leaders of Kon Tum Provincial WU and the Border Guards handing Tet gifts to poor women in Dak Nhoong commune, Dak Glei district

President of the Kon Tum provincial WU - Ms. Y Phuong handing the key of the 90 million VND worth Affection House to a poor woman

Leaders of Kon Tum Border Guards and the Women’s Union presenting gifts to poor pupils

President of the Kon Tum provincial WU - Ms. Y Phuong giving square sticky rice cakes to poor households

Also on this occasion, the WUs of Kon Tum, Dong Nai, and Ben Tre provinces visited and gave Tet gifts to officers and soldiers of 8 border posts in Kon Tum province.

The Kon Tum provincial WU visiting and giving gifts to officers and soldiers of Dak Plo Border Guards - Dak Glei district.


Translated by VWU’s IRD