Hanoi Women’s Union actively participates in HIV/AIDS prevention activities

As the number of HIV-infected persons is on the increase, WU of Hanoi actively participated in HIV/AIDS prevention. The WU at all levels in the city have organized 29 talks and discussions, trainings, clubs meetings with the participation of 1,015 turns of people.

In the framework of the GIPA project (Greater Involvement of People Living with HIV/AIDS in Vietnam) supported by UNV, UNAIDS, US Government, President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief-PEPFAR, AusAID), Hanoi WU has organized meetings of the Club for young women living with HIV/AIDS; providing consultancy, sending 41 HIV infected persons for test and treatment; taking care of 24 persons at home. Besides, WU staff also found out 431 women at high risk, distributed 5,200 condoms and 232 materials; organized STD examination and treatment for 26 women, sending 26 persons for test. 4,199 pregnant women have been offered advices and HIV test, among them 3 cases have been discovered and treated to prevent HIV transmission from mothers to the unborn babies. 

Information Center
Translated by VWU Int’l Relations Dept.