French violinist to perform in Hanoi

Isabelle Durin, the No 1 violinist of the Ile-de-France National Symphony Orchestra, will give performances on February 15 and 16 at the Opera House and French Culture Centre in Hanoi.

Isabelle Durin’s performances will be joined by Vietnamese pianist Tran Ngoc Bich.

For the first time, Sonate No 9 named ‘For Isabelle’ of Vietnamese composer Nguyen Van Quy will be heard at the Hanoi Opera House.

Composer Nguyen Van Quy, born in 1925, specialises in violin and piano works. In July 2004, Isabelle Durin performed the Sonate  No 7 of composer Nguyen Van Quy. Isabelle adsorbed Nguyen Van Quy’s music while Nguyen Van Quy admired Isabelle for her understanding about Vietnamese culture and therefore, the Sonate No 9 ‘For Isabelle’ was composed.

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