Embassy of Russia in Vietnam responds to program “Patron-parents” launched by Vietnam Women’s Union

On January 27, Ms. Elena Bezdetko, Wife of the Russian Federation Ambassador to Vietnam, on behalf of Embassy staffs, has presented gifts to Vietnam Women’s Union’s representative to support orphans, who lost their parents due to Covid-19 and other causes.
VWU leaders at Conference

In response to the program “Patron-parents” launched by the Central VWU,  the Russian Embassy has mobilized its staffs to donate rice, necessities, clothes, toys and 10 million VND in cash to children who lost their parents due to Covid-19 and other causes.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoai Linh - member of the VWU Presidium and Head of the International Relation Department - has received the donation and expressed her sincere thanks and gratitude for the Russia embassy’s support for the Vietnamese women and children so far.

Ms. Elena Bezdetko (left) gives cash to support the program

This is the second time the Embassy presented the gifts to support the programs launched by the VWU. Previously, in September, 2021, in response to the program “Million gifts of great solidarity for the South to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic”, Embassy staffs have donated necessities to frontline forces and people including women and children severely affected by the Covid-19.

Russian Ambassador’s family has been sentimentally attached to Vietnam since 1991, so now Ms. Elena Bezdetko deeply sympathizes with Vietnamese women and children who are being heavily affected by Covid-19.


Edited by VWU International Relations Dept.