Director General of UN Office in Geneva highly appreciates Viet Nam’s gender equality progress.

Hanoi, Viet Nam – October 20, Vice President of the Vietnam Women’s Union (VWU) Tran Lan Phuong had a meeting with Director General of United Nations Office in Geneva (UNOG) Tatiana Valovaya on the sidelines of the "17 Faces of Action of Viet Nam for Sustainable Development" Photo Exhibition.
VWU Vice President Tran Lan Phuong shares about VWU and its key activities

Ms. Phuong conveyed her warm greetings to UNOG’s Director- General and showed her appreciation to the UN agencies for their support for Viet Nam, the VWU and Vietnamese women, focusing on promoting women leadership, economic empowerment, women’s participation in climate change adaptation and response, domestic violence prevention and control, women peace, and security. The effectiveness of joint VWU-UN projects, initiatives earned recognition and appreciation for their far-reaching impact.

Ms. Phuong expressed admiration for Valovaya's diverse background, citing her extensive experience in government services, diplomacy, and journalism. She further noted Valovaya's prolific authorship, with over 170 publications on international monetary relations, economic integration, and multilateral cooperation.

At the meeting, Vice President Tran Lan Phuong shared about the VWU’s 3 key tasks, specifically the activities in such areas as policy advocacy, supporting women in economic development, promoting women leadership, supporting vulnerable women’s groups etc.

UNOG Director General Tatiana Valovaya expresses her strong impression on Viet Nam’s efforts in women development and gender equality

Director General Tatiana Valovaya showed her emotion at the warm welcome extended by the VWU to her and her colleagues. The visit to the Vietnamese Women’s Museum left on her deep impression since not many countries have a museum dedicated exclusively to women. She emphasized this reflects that women empowerment and gender equality promotion in Viet Nam are paid due attention and have gained remarkable progress.

She added that the Exhibition of 17 women faces of action for sustainable development showed the audience specific examples of Viet Nam’s achievements in in women economic empowerment, enhancement of women’s participation in politics, their role in science and technology, thereby promoting gender equality and the Agenda 2030 for sustainable development.

Participants at the meeting

VWU Vice President Tran Lan Phuong hopes that the UNOG Director General, in her position, will help connect the VWU with international organizations to promote international cooperation for women empowerment in different fields for the sakes of equality, development, and peace. Regarding the Photo Exhibition “17 Face of Action” in Geneva next year, Phuong expects that the UNOG will create opportunities for countries to share and learn from one another experiences and initiatives to promote women’s roles and gender equality.

Translated by VWU International Relations Department