Central Vietnam Women’s Union conferred the medal “for the Cause of Women’s Emancipation” on HelpAge International

On 3rd Nov, 2004 at the headquarter of Vietnam Women’s Union (VWU), Mme. Ha Thi Khiet-President of VWU honorably conferred the Medal “For the Cause of Women’s Emancipation” on HelpAge International (HAI). Witnessing the event were more than 60 participants from different countries in the region who were attending HAI 2004 regional annual meeting, which was, for the first time, held in Vietnam.

The cooperation between HAI and Vietnam Womens’ Union (VWU) has started since 1997. HAI is the first international organization who provided technical and financial support to VWU in its supporting activities for older women and their families. Up to now, HAI hasfundedVWU 5 projects to support OPs and their families o­n poverty reduction and health care, HIV/AIDS and natural disasters. With HAI’s support, VWU organized anumber of training workshops for its trainers at different levels o­n community care and self care for older women.


As a result, the Union now has a pool of staff with improved knowledge and skills as well as good and sustainable community-based models such as older women’s credit & saving groups, older women’s income generation and healthcare clubs and clubs to support HIV/AIDS affected older people as care givers of their infected children and orphans grandchildren. The 9th National Women’s Congress has defined older women as o­ne of the target groups in its development programmes in 2002-2007.


At the Ceremony, VWU’s President highly valued HAI pioneer, practical and effective support and especially appreciated HAI staff for their dedication, commitment and qualification in the field of ageing, who have become close friends of VWU in the past years. With its most notable prize- the Medal “for the Cause of Women’s Emancipation”-the VWU would like tothank HAI for its significant contribution to supporting activities for older women and older men in Vietnam.Mr Todd Pertesen-HAI Chief Executive, said at the ceremony: “This is a great event for HAI and myself personally. In the past years, the active collaboration of VWU has assisted HAI in implementing effectively its supporting activities for older people in Vietnam. It is hoped that the collaboration between the two organizations will be further maintained and developed in the coming years”.