1,227 TYM members elected as deputies of people’s councils at district community level

As an organization under the Central Vietnam Women’s Union (VWU), TYM has closely coordinated with VWU at all levels to implement practical activities to support TYM members and women members to run for the election of deputies of the People’s Councils at all levels in the localities where TYM operates as follows:

1. Providing TYM members who ran for election with knowledge through online training materials of the Central Vietnam Women’s Union.

In mid-February 2021, TYM has guided branches to coordinate with VWU at provinces, districts and communes on activities to support TYM members to participate in the election for People’s Council deputies at all levels.

To implement this docu ment, the branches of TYM have coordinated with VWU at all levels to make a list of candidate members, including TYM members. In order to best support TYM members, the branch has appointed a contact point staff in charge of implementing support activities in order to best coordinate with VWU at all levels to help candidates be fully equipped with knowledge, skills required.

2. Coordinating with VWU at districts where TYM operates to organize training for candidates who are women members, including TYM members.

TYM has provided financial support to the VWU at districts where TYM operate to organize trainings for candidates. At the same time, the TYM branch worked closely with VWU at 38 districts and successfully organized 45 training courses. The training content focused on election campaigning knowledge, skills and how to build an election campaign action program and guide members to run for election.

As a result, 5,027 women and TYM members participated in training courses conducted by the District Women’s Union with the support of TYM.

3. Directly organizing knowledge training for 80 candidates who are women members, TYM members in Do Luong district (Nghe An)

TYM – Do Luong branch organized 02 training courses for 80 candidates which Mr. Doan Van Loi, Vice Chairman of Do Luong District People’s Council was the lecturer.

The training content included key topics such as: Law on Elections to the National Assembly and People’s Council at all levels; Election campaigning skills and methods; How to develop an action plan to participate in election campaigning; Practice presenting the campaign action plan.

At the end of the training, the trainees were asked questions related to the learning content by the lecturer and shared experiences in presenting and designing detailed action programs.

The training program was highly appreciated by the participants as it helped them gain more knowledge and necessary skills when running for the People’s Council at all levels, improving their confidence and preparing for the next round of elections.

4. Results

1,227 members of TYM were elected as deputies to the People’s Councils at district and commune levels, of which 24 members of TYM were elected as delegates of the People’s Council at the district level, 1,203 members were elected as delegates of the People’s Council at the commune level.

TYM would like to congratulate our women and wish them well in their duties as “the representatives of the people”.