The VWU has a broad network nationwide composed of 4 levels, i.e. the central, provincial, district and communal ones with over 19 million members.

The Central VWU has 16 departments and subordinate units (i.e. Departments of Administration, Personnel, Policies and Laws, Ethnicity and Religion, Family and Social Affairs, Supporting Women in Economic Development, Communication and Education, International Relations; and Representative Office in the South, Vietnam Women’s Newspaper, Vietnamese Women’s Museum, Vietnam Women’s Academy, Vietnam Women’s Publishing House, Center for Women and Development, Le Thi Rieng Vocational School, and Tinh Thuong Microfinance Institution) and two VWU member organizations - the Vietnam Association for Intellectual Women and the Vietnam Association of Women’s Entrepreneurs.

At the lower levels, there are 63 provincial VWUs, the Women’s Association of the Ministry of Public Security and the Women Affairs Unit of the Army, 705 district VWUs, and 10,599 communal VWUs.

The VWU is organized and operates on the principles of voluntariness, democracy, alliance, and unified actions. The leading bodies of VWU at each level are elected every five years, and organize and conduct their work on the principles of collectivity and democracy.