Women’s Union of Kim Bang dictrict, Ha Nam province: actively develop the role of “happy family” clubs


Women’s Union of Kim Bang district, Ha Nam province is the leading unit for many years in the women’s union activities movement. 19 per 19 communes of the Kim Bang district set up the “happy family” clubs with 380 couples participating in the 2 annual meetings on the occasions of Vietnamese Family’s Day June 28th and Vietnamese Women’s Day October 20th.

Couples attended the meetings in full numbers to look back o­n the good traditions of vietnamese families and to share experiences in educating children and orientation in the spriritual life…. The meetings are organised in various forms such as: presentations, discussions o­n social issues, cultural exchanges, art perpformances and behavior competitions between families….


It is noteworthy that although most of the couples are farmers, they still participate actively in the clubs from the very first days. They are fully aware of the importance to maintain the traditional relationships in vietnamese families in the process of integration.


After participating in the activities of the clubs, members are active advocators for maintaining happy families in the community. They partly contribute to develop “for a happy family without domestic violence” that bringsthe firm and stable happiness for families and community.

Ha Nam Women’s Union – Translated by Kim Ngan