VWU President proposes model of one-stop center to handle child-abuse cases

Addressing at the meeting "Review on the implementation of the National Assembly Committee on Judicial Affairs’ recommendations on improving the effectiveness of the prevention and control of child sexual abuse and the way forward" held by the NA Committee on Judicial Affairs in April 2019, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu Ha, Party Central Committee member, NA Deputy, VWU President emphasized that the VWU highly appreciated the Committee’s initiative on organizing the meeting.

Relating to the situation of sexual assaults in general and child sexual abuse in particular, the VWU President reviewed that the number of sexual abuse cases tended to increase. By contrast, actions taken by local authorities in some cases were not responsive to the situation, for example, low and undeterred fines for sexual harassment perpetrators, slow procedures of forensic examination which could make it impossible to detect sexual abuse evidence, and difficulties for victims and their families to request a forensic examination, causing public discontents. Moreover, punishment for sexual harassments are not strict enough.

From the status quo, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu Ha made a number of recommendations, which were highly appreciated by other deputies. First, the Law o­n Judicial Assessment should be revised to allow an immediate forensic examination directly by the victim. Second, sexual harassments should be properly dealt with by strict punishments; and because of severe and long-lasting negative impacts of sexual assault o­n victims and their family, a separate legal document o­n sexual assault prevention should be formulated.

In particular, the VWU President proposed to research and establish a model of o­ne-stop center to handle child abuse cases. This Center will receive, support, collect information from and provide consultancies for victims and conduct the initial legal steps for the convenience of the victims and their families. She exemplified that the o­ne-stop center model had been set up in Thailand and the Republic of Korea. In addition, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu Ha emphasized that sex education at schools should be strengthened to provide basic knowledge and skills for children for their self-protection.

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