“Supporting women in border and island areas” program attracting 37 billion VND to support 110 difficult border communes

That was the result in 2018 of the "Supporting women in border and island areas" Program organized by the Vietnam Women's Union for the period 2018-2020.

According to the VWU’s report, in 2018, 110 difficult border communes received support from the Program (exceeding 20 communes compared to the plan). Communication o­n the Program was organized in a wide, timely, synchronous and diverse manner by the Vietnam Women's Union, Vietnam Red Cross and Border Guards at all levels. With the efforts of  women’ unions at all levels, together with the contribution and support of the agencies, organizations, businesses and individuals, over 37 billion VND was raised. Of this total fund, 40% was used to support border women in economic development, 30% was for building affection houses and the rest was for other social security activities.

Upon the needs and aspirations of members and women, the women’s unions at all levels provided various support such as livelihood opportunities; training, scientific and technical transfer; networking and marketing for the products of border women; supporting civil works to serve the lives of members and women…

With the practical support from this program, many border communes reached and exceeded its targets in 2018. For example, 110/110 communes achieved the targets of communication, knowledge and skills enhancement for women; developing, praising, propagating typical female models and good practices.

 Ảnh minh họa

 A communication session for women in the border area of Nam Giang district, Quang Nam province

105/110 communes registered with the local authorities to implement at least o­ne practical and appropriate activity to contribute to building new rural areas; 100/110 communes reached the target of organizing more than 50% of women aged 18 and over.

 Ảnh minh họa

 Representatives of Women's Union of Thua Thien-Hue province donates to construct affection houses for poor women in Hong Van and Hong Quang communes, A Luoi district

For better implementation of the Program in 2019, the Presidium of the VWU will focus o­n allocating resources to implement the Program's targets, particularly o­n organizing activities associated with the theme 2019 "Safety for women and girls" including the activities to improve knowledge in response to natural disasters and climate change; prevention and combat of human trafficking, safe migration ...

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