• Han Myung-sook approved as ROK's 1st female PM

    The Republic of Korea (ROK) National Assembly approved the nomination of Han Myung-sook as the country's first female prime minister on Wednesday afternoon.
  • International women world fair 2006

    Welcome 11th APEC Women Leader’s Network Meeting in Hanoi
  • Russia presents historical documents to Vietnam

    The Russian Government on April 18 presented Vietnam with a number of documents on the relations between the former Soviet Union and Vietnam.
  • Help stop trade in women and children, Vietnam labor unions told

    Labor unions should help women get jobs, a Vietnamese labor official said at a conference in Hanoi Tuesday on the role of the unions in preventing trafficking of women and children.
  • Viet Nam-US Society expresses condolences over death of US peace activist

    The Viet Nam-US Society has expressed its condolences over the death of William Coffin, a well-known peace activist and leader of the Anti-Vietnam war movement in the US during the 1960s and '70s.
  • Vietnamese School Founder in Cambodia

    A woman of small business has made a contribution to founding the overseas Vietnamese Group and opening a Vietnamese school in Cambodia. When getting older, she opened a Vietnamese newspaper stall in Phnom Penh and became a sponsor for Vietnamese misleading girls.
  • UN commission praises nation's economic progress

    Poverty alleviation is Vietnam's overriding concern and the Government's approach to this issue has been praiseworthy, the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) has said in a report on March 30 of the results of its economic and social survey of Asia and the Pacific in 2006.
  • Young surgeon's wartime diaries help reconcile US, Viet Nam, says AP

    The Associated Press (AP) on April 2 carried an article saying that the poignant wartime diaries of a Vietnamese military surgeon, named Dang Thuy Tram, have reconciled the US and Viet Nam after a US intelligence officer saved them from being burned.
  • Young scholars pioneer Vietnamese studies in the US

    In the 1950s, there were only few Vietnamese language classes in America. Since then, several Vietnamese Studies Departments have been established at famous US universities and have educated many scholars in Vietnamese studies. In recent years, many of these scholars have visited Vietnam on study tours.
  • French people support Vietnamese Agent Orange victims

    Visitors to the first international photo festival opened in Sarcelles city, 20 km east of Paris, France, on April 8, signed their names into a petition, expressing their support to Vietnamese Agent Orange/dioxin victims in the lawsuit against US chemical producers.