• The Workshop on development of legislative regulations on gender equality in the field of economics.

    In order to open the forum for sharing and exchange ideas on policy, law and gender equality practices in the field of economics, and to support the Drafting Law Committee and the working group of Gender Equality Law getting more information, both practical and theoretical for analyzing and building appropriate and feasible regulations for Gender equality, in the field of economics, the Central Vietnam Women’s Union organized the Workshop “Development of legislative regulations on gender equality in field of economics” on the 6th and 7th of June.
  • Ho Chi Minh City: Workshop to contribute to the Draft of Gender Equality Law

    In the Morning of June 30th., the Women’s Union in Ho Chi Minh City and the Committee for the Advancement of Women of Ho Chi Minh City organized a workshop to contribute comments and ideas for the draft of Gender Equality Law. Other participants included representatives from the National Assembly Members Delegation, City branches, City units and services, social-study Centers and female scientists.
  • Vietnam ranks 87/144 countries on Gender Development Index

    The topic of World Population Day on the 11th July of this yearwas “Gender Equality”, Vietnam is making good progress: 92% of school age girls are going to school and mother and infant mortality rate is going down.