• Nguyen Dieu Hoa makes top five in Mrs World contest

    Mrs Vietnam, Nguyen Dieu Hoa, made the top five in the Mrs World Contest held in Kaliningrat, Russia from June 14-29.
  • Action Month for Population and Family Planning launched

    The Ministry of Health has launched Action Month for Population and Family Planning from July 1 – 31 on the occasion of the World Population Day (July 11).
  • Vietnam introduces first association to protect child rights

    Vietnam ’s first national association dedicated to protecting the rights of Vietnamese children made its debut in Hanoi on June 10.
  • Vietnam praised for gender equality achievements

    A series of strong mechanisms and policies have brought about remarkable gender equality achievements in Vietnam , earning international praise, said an official of the Ministry of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs (MoLISA).
  • The Custom of Worshipping the Mother of the Nation

    Very few nations in the world have the custom of worshipping the mother of the country, as is done in Vietnam . This custom not only reflects the Vietnamese people’s traditional culture and belief but also their gratitude and respect for the loyalty to the ancestors.
  • An Area Famous for Brocade Weaving

    Located more than 20km from Cao Bang Township, Cao Bang Province, along road 203, Nuoc Hai Town in Hoa An District has for a long time been famous for the brocade weaving craft. Its products, including bags, shawls, bedspreads, blankets, etc., not only serve in the daily life of local people but also become beautiful souvenirs for tourists.
  • The “Gold Woman” of Vietnam’s Electricity Sector

    For the first time, the huge 220KV-transformer, 140 tonnes in weight with nearly one thousand separate parts, was produced by a female Vietnamese engineer.
  • Gender imbalance at alarming stage

    Sociologists have rung the alarm bell at the current significantly higher rate of male newborns over female newborns in Vietnam
  • Making a global diva

    Model-actress Thanh Hang has turned heads and dropped jaws cat-walking her way onto the world stage.
  • Folk artist reveals the evolution of her art

    Award-winning artist Thanh Ngoan is renowned for her cheo (traditional opera), xam (folk music) and ca tru (ceremonial singing) performances. Ngoan speaks with Hien Ngoc about her passion for her art and her ideas on preserving Vietnamese culture.