• 5 livelihood models supporting women in border areas

    On the morning of August 29, the Central Vietnam Women's Union (VWU) and the Vietnam Border Guard Command has co-organized a seminar "Sharing evaluation results and consulting on solutions to improve quality and replicate effective livelihood models for ethnic minority and border areas” in Viet Tri City (Phu Tho).
  • Mottainai Fund for disadvantaged children receives warm response

    Mottainai - a charity programme launched by Phu nu Viet Nam (Vietnam’s Women) newspaper to support orphans and disadvantaged children - has received donations of 350 million VND (14,700 USD) and 2,000 items of used clothes within just ten days, the newspaper said on August 22.
  • Women play crucial role in plastic waste reduction

    According to national statistics, an average of about 1.8 million tonnes of plastic waste is generated annually in Vietnam, of which 90% is buried, filled or incinerated, and only 10% recycled. Meanwhile, 90% of scrap collectors and scavengers are women, a job that exposes them to a toxic environment that negatively affects their health.
  • More than 7,100 ethnic minority women participate in contest on domestic violence prevention and control

    Among nearly 184,000 women participating in the online contest “Gaining knowledge about the 2022 Law on Domestic Violence Prevention and Control” launched by the Vietnam Women’s Union (VWU), there were more than 7,100 ethnic minority participants.
  • Conference to evaluate non-cash payment activities at TYM

    On August 19, 2023, TYM held a conference to evaluate non-cash payment activities at TYM. The meeting was attended by the Board of Directors of TYM, branch management, the Head/Deputy Head of Department/group/department of the Head Office.