• Vietnam and Cambodia co-operate for women development

    Vietnam wants to enhance co-operation in hunger alleviation and the fight against women and children trafficking with Cambodia for the development and progress of the women of both countries.
  • Workshop to share experience in women entrepreneurs supporting activities

    In the morning of August, 23rd, 2006, the Center for Women and Development at the Head Office of Viet Nam Women's Union held a workshop to share experiences, which would help the Center in conducting entrepreneurs supporting activities.
  • Vietnamese delegation visited Kingdom of Norway

    At the invitation of Norwegian Embassy, the delegation of the National Committee for the Advancement of Vietnamese Women led by Mme. Ha Thi Khiet, member of the Central Party Committee, President of the National Committee for the Advancement of Vietnamese Women together with 12 other members from several departments and agencies visited Kingdom of Norway from 23-29 Sep 2006.
  • United Democratic Tanzania’s Prime Minister’s spouse visits Vietnam Women’s Union

    In the official visit to Vietnam by United Democratic Tanzania’s Prime Minister Edward Lowassa,
  • Vietnam calls for educational help to poor countries

    Vice President Truong My Hoa has called on the Francophone community to focus joint efforts in helping developing nations to provide better access to education for all citizens.

  • Laotian Health Minister visited and worked with Viet Nam Women's Union

    On a visit to Viet Nam to study and exchange experiences on August, 8th 2006, the Laotian Health Minister, Vice Chairman of Laotian Committee for Mothers and Children, Ponemek Dalaloy together with the senior official delegation of Laotian Committee of Mothers and Children worked with the Viet Nam Women's Union.
  • Typical Female Top Graduates

    At the ceremony to praise and acknowledge Hanoi’s Top Students of university/institutions for the school year 2005-2006, 93 Top Graduates were named in The Yellow Book of Van Mieu-Quoc Tu Giam (The first university of Viet Nam). 64 of these graduates were female, accounting for 68,8%.

  • Seminar on SWOT analyzing and planning on BDS

    Based on the functions and tasks of the Centre for Women and Development (CWD), the identification of which direction/orientation to be feasible, efficient and sustainable in business development services activities has been discussed actively at the Seminar on SWOT analyzing and planning which was organized by CWD (Vietnam Women’s Union) on the 4th-5th July, 2006 at VWU’s office.
  • Peace and Development Organization mission visited TYM Fund (Affection Fund)

    Lead by Ms. Eleva Villalobos Prats, the mission of Development and Peace Organization (Spanish) visited project “Improving Economic and Health condition of 750 rural households in 5 communes of Quang Xuong district, Thanh Hoa province”, from 31st July - 1st, August 2006.

  • Women in Tuyen Quang town to expand production

    During 2001 – 2006 term, the Women’s Union of Tuyen Quang town has implemented effective programs to support women in economic development.