Young female entrepreneur - "Media beauty" Nguyen Thi Hoa with desire for good life like sunflower heading for sun

Only few people know that before having a good-looking face, friendly eyes and a bright smile, Nguyen Thi Hoa - "Media Beauty" of the contest "Miss Vietnam Global Business 2020" has undergone calamities and serious illness and then rose up like a sunflower heading for the sun...
Nguyen Thi Hoa at "Miss Vietnam Global Business 2020"

Start-up dream

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoa lives at Quang Trung Street, Tay Son Ward, An Khe Town, Gia Lai Province. After her graduation, she started to work at the financial and accounting section of the Continuing Education Center of An Khe Town. She shared that “When I was young and really wanted to start a business or to do something that I was passionate about. Although there was no guarantee that I would be successful, I believed that I would receive valuable lessons." With that aspiration, in early 2003, Ms. Hoa and her husband opened a mobile phone shop called Hoa Nam Mobile, specializing in providing mobile phones and accessories, buying and selling SIM cards, mobile cards, and repairing phones. The business was successful and she then opened a commercial beef farm which supplies to the market from 200 to 300 kilograms of clean beef per day with a monthly revenue of over 400 million dongs. She also does business in many other fields, creating regular jobs for nine more workers with a monthly salary of 4 to 7 million dongs/person.

Sudden calamities

In mid-2018, when the business was going well, Ms. Hoa discovered she had cancer. Bewilderment, anxiety and fear were the first emotions of the woman in her thirties. Thinking about her family and her two young children, she determined to look for medical treatment. It was fortunate that her family was always beside her to encourage and share difficulties and hardships with her. With the strong desire to live and the belief in the bright future and thanks to the strict adherence to the treatment regimen, Ms. Hoa’s health has improved increasingly.

Deserving award

 Ms. Hoa awarded “Media Beauty” at Contest

During the treatment period, Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoa decided to try her hand at the contest "Miss Vietnam Global Business 2020". Hoa said that she found this contest quite interesting and this was an opportunity for her to show her talents as well as exchange and learn. With her enormous efforts and professionalism, she excellently won the "Media Beauty" award and entered the top 5 of the "Miss Vietnam Global Business 2020" contest held at Trung Vuong Theater, Da Nang City, in December 2020.

Right after the contest, "Media Beauty" Nguyen Thi Hoa donated her entire prize money of 40 million dongs to Bong Hue Shelter (Hoc Mon District, Ho Chi Minh City). She also contributes from 60-80 million dongs each year to help unfortunate lives and regularly participates in voluntary activities in remote and mountainous communes in Dak Po and Kong Chro districts and An Khe town.

During the Covid-19 wave last year, she donated 2,000 medical masks and 200 kilograms of rice to support the poor in An Khe town; 300 Chung cakes, necessities and many meaningful gifts to ethnic minorities in Dam Khuong village, To Tung commune, Kbang district.

Although there are hardships ahead, the heart of this energetic young woman is always warm, full of love for her homeland, dear family, and strong energy like a sunflower that always looks toward the Sun.                                                                   


Translated by VWU International Relations Department