Vietnam lawmakers back women’s equality

A Vietnamese parliamentary committee, which discussed the Gender Equality Bill Thursday, expressed support for removing the disparity in retirement ages for men and women.

The retirement age is now 60 for men and 55 for women.

However, the National Assembly’s Standing Committee, at a regular sitting, said there was no need to continue with the system.

With the improvement in living standards, women’s health and life spans too had improved, said Nguyen Thi Hoai Thu, director of the NA’s commission for social affairs.

Eradicating this difference would also help wipe out the traditional mindset of valuing men above women, the lawmakers opined.

The proposal to equalize ages, which was submitted by the Vietnam Women’s Union, comprises three options.

The first is for women and men to have the same retirement age, but allowing women to retire five years earlier without their pension being affected.

The second has both sexes retiring at the same age.

The last option also suggests the same retirement age for both sexes but with women in some professions having a specific retirement age.

Thanh Nien Daily