TYM technical officer receives prestigious international award

In 2023, Ms. Nguyen Thi Quynh Trang, a distinguished technical officer of Transaction Office No. 02 of TYM – Do Luong Branch, Nghe An has been honored with the 2023 Field Officer Appreciation Award in the Asia-Pacific region. This award is organized and presented by the Whole Planet Foundation to recognize the outstanding contributions of credit officers within the region.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Quynh Trang has been working at TYM for 11 years. During this period, she has significantly shaped her role by mobilizing more than 800 women to join TYM and access loans for economic development, thereby improving the quality of life for their families and communities. Currently, overseeing a portfolio of 690 customers, which includes more than 200 ethnic minority women in Anh Son district, Nghe An province, Quynh Trang continues to play a vital role in fostering economic growth.

“I fully comprehend TYM’s mission to create opportunities for women to participate in economic and social activities, contributing to the improvement of women’s status. As a dedicated employee of TYM, I commit to persistently enhance my knowledge and skills, maintaining a devoted and enthusiastic working spirit. My objective is to implement various practical and valuable initiatives, thereby contributing to the enhancement of the quality of life of TYM members, especially for poor, disadvantaged women, as well as those residing in rural, mountainous areas and ethnic minorities”, Ms. Quynh Trang shared.

The accomplishments and dedication exhibited by Ms. Quynh Trang not only brings pride to TYM but also serves a great source of motivation for all credit officers. It demonstrates TYM’s strength and unwavering commitment to fulfilling its social mission, supporting the community, and promoting overall development.


The Field Officer Appreciation Award, organized annually by the Whole Planet Foundation, aims to honor outstanding credit officers from microfinance institutions in the Asia-Pacific region. As of 2023, there have been 9 TYM staff members honored with this Award.