TYM- Providing support to members during the Covid-19 epidemic

After many practical actions in COVID-19 disease prevention recently, TYM has continued to implement the support package “TYM – empowering members” to accompany and share with members to overcomes this difficult time:

1. Credit support package VND 1,400 billion: Reducing interest rates on microloans (business loan, loan for near-poor household) and short-term MSE loans

  • Time: from April 20, 2020 to December 31, 2020
  • Loan purpose: To support members affected by COVID-19 epidemic who need to use capital to promptly restore, maintain and develop production and business activities.
  • Interest rate reduction: 0.5%/year for 50 week term (for weekly repayment loans), 0.48% / year (for monthly repayment loans).
  1. Support package of VND 300 million for poor members: TYM donates 10 kg of rice to each of TYM poor members.
  • Beneficiaries: Members of poor households who are taking loans at TYM with outstanding loans from January 1, 2020 to May 15, 2020.
  • Time: From 16/4/2020 to before 15/5/2020
  • Gift: 10kg of rice / member.
  1. Support center leaders* to perform TYM’s mission
  • Beneficiaries: TYM center leaders in 13 provinces/cities. During this epidemic phase, TYM’s center leaders showed their sense of responsibility to fulfill their tasks, so TYM gives 02 support packages to share difficulties and support the center  leaders to complete their tasks effectively:
  • 100% of center leaders are equipped with anti-epidemic protective glass
  • TYM has a policy of funding support for the center leaders to collect money during the COVID-19 epidemic.