Thanh Hoa Women's Union gives breeder to support women in economic development

From the beginning of the year, due to the COVID-19 epidemic and unstable weather, the diseases on cattle and poultry have affected production and daily life, making it difficult for many members and women.
Thanh Hoa Women's Union gives breeding cows in Pu Nhi commune, Muong Lat district

Therefore, giving reproductive cows, breeding chickens, breeding ducks and animal feed is a practical act of Thanh Hoa provincial Women's Union in order to create livelihoods, supporting women in economic development and overcome difficulties due to Covid-19 epidemic.

In the communes of Pu Nhi, Trung Ly (Muong Lat), Son Ha, Muong Min, Na Meo (Quan Son), 30 reproductive cows have been given to 30 members of women-owned breeding cooperative groups, which worth 300 million VND.

Each household of two women-owned duck farming cooperative groups (20 households per group) received 250 ducks and 50 kg of feed, totaling 280 million dongs. This is a breeding model under the product value chain to ensure food safety and hygiene of the Provincial Women's Union.

In Ha Bac, Hoat Giang and Ha Tan communes, 600 breeding chickens and animal feed are donated to 30 poor and disadvantaged members.

In Vinh Quang Commune, 4,000 chicken and 5 quintals of feed with a total value of more than VND 150 million were given to 20 members of women-owned general breeding service cooperative groups.

Giving chicken and animal feed to members of cooperatives

Moreover, the provincial Women's Union also organized training on animal husbandry techniques, disease prevention and asked its members to make plans for breed increase for their families and cooperatives, as well as to support each other to develop sustainable and effective models.

Translated by VWU International Relations Department