Quang Nam women spread love in Covid-19 epidemic

In response to the increasingly complex situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, the Women's Unions at all levels in Quang Nam province and their members have had many meaningful and practical activities to spread love among their staffs, members, and women.
Visiting and donating necessities to the epidemic prevention and control units in the province

The women’s unions at all levels have provided timely information to their members and people about the epidemic situation through their media and distributing leaflets; promptly instructed members to install BlueZone software to monitor and detect suspected COVID-19 infections; encouraged people to regularly monitor their health situation and make medical reports when necessary, and strictly follow quarantine regulations.

Besides, women members also provide timely food, necessities at concentrated quarantine points and blocking areas; donate face shields for the epidemic-fighting frontliners and stallholders at traditional markets; give masks and sanitizers to the local residents.

As of August 6, the whole province has mobilized resources worth more than 2.8 billion VND to support concentrated quarantine and blocking areas as well as families under quarantine.

Members and women of Dien Ban district support the forces involving in epidemic prevention and control

Many good practices have been implemented by the WUs at all levels such as, in Nam Tra My, the district Women's Union has recorded COVID-19 prevention measures in different languages such as Kinh, Mo Nong, Xe Dang, Ca Dong and played through mobile loudspeakers at all the 10 communes. The Women's Union of Phu Ninh district provides freely over 1,000 meals to families in difficult circumstances due to the impact of Covid-19 epidemic; The model "Zero dong market" operates in the form of mobilizing funds and necessities to support poor and extremely difficult households; provides shopping help for those under quarantine.

VWU staffs give necessities to households affected by the epidemic

Moreover, 900 poor and disadvantaged women in 6 districts undergoing the social distancing were given gifts (worth 300,000 VND each) by the Women's Union of Quang Nam province.

Translated by VWU International Relations Department