Promoting the effects of Happy Family Clubs 2 years after the Provincial Women’s Congress Resolution

Being aware of the significance and the importance of family, over the past years, WUs of all levels carried out different activities to support women in building “plentiful, equal, progressive, happy families”, which is considered as a key and permanent task.

Through Happy Family Club meetings, WUs educate and help women o­n how to improve knowledge, organize family life, be law-abiding, prevent social evils and preserve the fine tradition of the Vietnamese family.

After more than 2 years since realizing the resolution from the Provincial Women’s Congress, WUs at all levels run over 34 types of clubs o­n building happy families with different names and subjects (Clubs o­n women & children trafficking prevention; Gender equality clubs; HIV/AIDS prevention club; social evils prevention clubs; Club of women & traffic safety, happy family club…) There has been 393 established clubs & groups with 7,124 women members, among which, there are 290 new Happy Family Clubs and 5.273 women. To date, 725/804 hamlets established 1,069 clubs, and achieved 90,.2% of the target set in the Resolution. Such activities continue to be widened and reached 100% hamlets and villages.

Additionally, WUs of all levels realized the Resolution No7 of Central WU o­n social issues related to women and child girls: prevention against women & children trafficking, social evils, prostitution, especially women trafficking under the cover of marriage.

The provincial WU selected Vinh Kim commune, Cau Ngang district and Ward 7, Tra Vinh town as a pilot site where various activities have been carried out, such as: organizing a workshop o­n prevention against women and children trafficking, dangers and risks for women working far from home; setting up Prevention Clubs against women trafficking, Prevention Clubs against social evils. Providing job training and creation & credit fund for women returning home after getting married to foreigners... Thanks to these activities, the number of women marrying foreigners remarkably decreased (11 cases in 2008 instead of 236 cases in 2006). Social evils in Ward 7 have also significantly decreased; many women earn an honest living and have stable jobs…

A mid-term review meeting was held to evaluate the 2.5 years of realizing the Resolution. It recognized the achievements of members and women in the province and mapped out orientations for following years. The provincial People’s Committee awarded Certificates of merit to 37 outstanding groups and individuals. The provincial WU also awarded 57 Certificates of merit, among which there is recognition of the achievements in organizing and running Happy Family Clubs.

Bich Phuong - Tra Vinh WU (Translated by Le Hang)