President Nguyen Thi Thu Ha pays tribute to Cuban leader Fidel Castro

VWU’s delegation led by President Nguyen Thi Thu Ha paid tribute to Cuban revolutionary leader – Fidel Castro at Cuban Embassy in Hanoi on 30th November 2016.

On behalf of Vietnamese women and VWU, President Nguyen Thi Thu Ha expressed the mourning of Vietnamese people and women over the death of the Revolutionary Leader Fidel Castro, extended the deepest condolences to the Cuban Party, State, people, women and the Leader’s family.

President Thu Ha affirmed: Leader Fidel Castro Ruz is the close comrade and brother to Vietnamese people and women. He together with the President Ho Chi Minh set the strong foundation for the relationship of the parties, states, people and women of the two countries. Vietnamese women always remember his immortal saying: “For Vietnam, Cuba is willing to devote its blood”. Comrade Fidel Castro Ruz always lives in the heart of Vietnamese people and women.

On 28th November, 2016, the VWU sent the letter of condolences to the Cuban Women’s Union.

Translated by VWU International Relations Department