Ngoc Anh – ASEAN golden vocalist

Born in the northern coastal province of Quang Ninh, Ngoc Anh has developed her singing talent since she was very small. Her childhood performances were introduced on national TV for several times. Nguyen Thu Hien writes.

After finishing her senior secondary school, she studied singing at the Military Culture and Art College, and won the second prize at the Sao Mai Singing Contest in 2005, and the first prize at the same contest in 2006. She is especially famous for her pop ballads and later R&B styles.


Her singing has been well recognized by the public. Her songs like Khuc Mua Thu (An Autumn Ballad), composed by Phu Quang, Hay Cho Em Gan Ben Anh (Let me be with you) composed by Anh Quan, Buc Thu Tinh Dau Tien (The first love letter) composed by Do Bao, or Voi Bien (With the sea) composed by Tuan Phuong have all been appreciated by music lovers.


Recently, Ngoc Anh and other well known Vietnamese singers like Dam Vinh Hung, Minh Quang and Hong Ngat have represented Vietnam at the ASEAN Singing Contest, winning the Golden Medal for Pop Music with the song "Saving all my love for you." The ASEAN singing contest saw the participation of various foreign singers, including 10 ASEAN countries and 3 other countries.

Ngoc Anh is becoming more and more graceful and charming in front of the audience. 2009 comes with a lot of plans for her, including her continuing post graduate course in art. She is planning to release her 2nd Album with composer Do Bao, expected in early 2009.

Nhan Dan