Movements to alleviate poverty and promote advancement

A two day meeting in Hanoi on May 17th and 18th promoted the patriotic movement of contributing to industrialisation and modernisation was attended by almost 300 women.

The gathering of women from throughout Viet Nam and organised by the Women’s Union also reviewed their activities for the past five years.

The Viet Nam Communist Party and the Viet Nam Women>s Union have launched patriotic emulation movements since President Ho Chi Minh called for such an effort 50 years ago. Their purpose is to encourage all women to develop patriotism, overcome difficulties and help implement Party resolutions while striving for socio­economic development.

Millions of women have participated in the movements during the past five years.

The program has helped them develop family economies which have created an income for 3.5 million women.

The Women’s Union has also provided money and supplied business guidance for more than 344,000 poor households.


Of these households, 114,000 were able to escape poverty.

More than VND30 billion has been donated by women to build shelters for poor women.

The women’s movement in DienBien Province and members nationwide contributed more than VND1 billion to build more than 200 shelters in DienBien and LaiChau provinces. The Women’s Union now has more than 11 million members - almost two million more than in 2000.

by Women of Vietnam Review