Meaningful sideline activities of 13th National Women’s Congress

Apart from the official agenda, the 13th National Women's Congress had many meaningful sideline activities including opening of the exhibition "Vietnamese women expanding their dreams", launching of SMS campaign to raise fund for the program "Supporting women in border areas”, an exhibition of books and stamps, cultural performance "Quintessence of Tonkin" in Hanoi outskirt and launching the tree planting festival to celebrate the success of the Congress, etc.
Head of the PCC's Commission for Communications and Education Nguyen Trong Nghia and VWU President Ha Thi Nga cutting the ribbon to inaugurate the Exhibition

The exhibition of the Vietnamese Women’s Museum “Vietnamese women expanding their dreams” was inaugurated on the morning of March 9. It showcased the outstanding achievements of the Vietnam Women's Union (VWU) over more than 90 years of development, affirming its role and position in the cause of national defense and construction.

VWU Vice President Nguyen Thi Minh Huong delivering opening remarks at the Exhibition. Photo: VNA

Delegates visiting the Exhibition. Photo: VNA

Delegates at the Exhibition. Photo: VNA

Delegates at the Exhibition. Photo: VNA

On this occasion, the Central VWU launched an SMS campaign aimed at raising funds to build at least 130 livelihood models valued $ 5,500 in total for women in border areas within the program "Supporting women in border areas”. Each text message sent out will cost the handphone user VND 20,000 (nearly $1) and the money will be sent to the fund.

Delegates sending text messages for donation to the program. Photo: VNA

There were also exhibitions of books and stamps at the Congress venue:

 Photo: VNA

 Photo: VNA

 Photo: VNA

 Photo: VNA

 Photo: VNA

Within the framework of the Congress program, the delegates experienced and enjoyed the cultural performance “The Quintessence of Tonkin’ in Hanoi outskirt. With many unique repertoires imbued with traditional folklore, performed in a modern and creative style, the show strongly impressed the delegates with the history and culture of the Red River Delta - cultural center of the North of Vietnam.

Former Vice State President, former VWU President Truong Thi My Hoa (pink shirt), VWU President Ha Thi Nga (blue shirt) and the delegates taking photos with the performers. Photo: VNA

Delegates at the dolphin show

Dolphin show

A scene of ‘The Quintessence of Tonkin’ show. Photo: VNA

Photo: VNA

Right after the Congress conclusion, instead of cultural performances as usual, VWU called on its staff and members nationwide to plant trees to celebrate the Congress's success. The target is to plant at least 130,000 trees on this occasion.

On the morning of March 12, the VWU in collaboration with the General Political Department (Ministry of National Defense) launching the tree planting festival at Hai Ba Trung Temple (Me Linh, Hanoi).

Delegates removing the ribbon to inaugurate the construction welcoming the 13th National Women's Congress.

On the afternoon of March 12, at the Hung Kings temple historical site, the Central VWU cooperating with Phu Tho province to organize tree planting to celebrate the success of the Congress

Women nationwide in response to the tree planting festival to celebrate the success of the Congress:


To ensure the success of the Congress, the epidemic prevention was also effectively implemented with Covid test points for delegates before and during the Congress, at both the Congress venue and the hotels of the delegates.

Covid test before the Congress

Covid test booth at the Congress

Other Congress’s preparatory activities

Vietnam Women’s Newspaper publishing a special edition about the 13th Congress

Road signs to welcome the 13th National Congress

Decorating the Congress venue

Translated by VWU International Relations Department