Honoring a former VWU staff member on her 100th birthday

On the 4th of March, the Central Vietnam Women’s Union held a congratulation ceremony for Mrs. Pham Thi Trinh, a revolutionary veteran, former staff member of the VWU, on the occasion of her 100th birthday. The event was organised to honor her contribution to the country’s women's movement and the national revolutionary cause. By doing so, the event also served to educate younger staff members of the Central VWU and provided an excellent guiding example for their work.

Attending the ceremony were former leaders of the Party and the State, the Vietnam Women’s Union President and Vice Presidents, former leaders of the VWU, VWU staff during Mrs. Trinh’s employment with the VWU and current VWU staff, as well as her children and grandchildren.

In her speech at the ceremony, VWU President Nguyen Thi Thanh Hoa reviewed Mrs. Trinh’s honorable lifetime achievements and acknowledged her tremendous dedication to the country, the national women's movement, and the VWU activities. Mrs. Trinh stands as an example of loyalty, dedication, and perseverance in overcoming difficulties. Being born and raised in a Confucian family in Son Tinh district, Quang Ngai province, a poor but patriotic and enthusiastic province throughout the national revolutionary process, she was enlightened early and became a talented revolutionary activist and an experienced leader of Vietnam’s women’s movement. She became a member of the Party in 1930 when she was o­nly 16 and held the red flag leading a number of demonstrations of Son Tinh’s people during the 1930-1931 revolutionary high tide. She was arrested two times by the enemy and imprisoned for six years. Despite suffering horrible torture and bribery tricks, she still maintained the characteristics and dignity of a communist, providing a steely answer when questioned by the enemy: “I have o­nly o­ne mother country which is Vietnam, there is no "metropolitan" else”. She was a deputy to the National Assembly Tenure II and III and held numerous important positions, such as: member of the Quang Tri Provincial Party Committee, Head of the Women's Association in the inter-region V (1945-1954), member of the Party Caucus and Women’s Mobilization Standing Committee, and Head of the Organization Department of the Central VWU (1956-1976). With such tremendous contributions, she was awarded the Badge of 80 years of being a Party member by the Party, the First Class Independence Medal by the State, the Medal for the Cause of Women's Emancipation by the VWU, and other noble distinctions and medals.

Not o­nly a revolutionary activist and an exemplary staff member of the VWU, Mrs. Pham Thi Trinh is also a true poet, who has composed nearly 400 natural but subtle poems. Speaking about Mrs. Trinh, VWU President Nguyen Thi Thanh Hoa expressed, "Her life and her contributions to the national revolutionary cause and women’s emancipation have contributed to highlighting the honorable traditions of Vietnamese women. Her respectful lifestyle is the pride of different generations of VWU staff and is the precious encouragement and motivation for the current generation to uphold the traditions of “heroism, indomitableness, faithfulness and resourcefulness”.

Although she is now 100 years of age, Mrs. Pham Thi Trinh is still of sound mind and loyal to the country and the people of Vietnam. Speaking at the ceremony, she expressed her deep emotions when receiving awards and sincere affection from the Party, the State, and the Central VWU.

Translated by International Relations Department