Ho Chi Minh City: Workshop to contribute to the Draft of Gender Equality Law

In the Morning of June 30th., the Women’s Union in Ho Chi Minh City and the Committee for the Advancement of Women of Ho Chi Minh City organized a workshop to contribute comments and ideas for the draft of Gender Equality Law. Other participants included representatives from the National Assembly Members Delegation, City branches, City units and services, social-study Centers and female scientists.

Based o­n the second draft of the Gender Equality Law (consisting of 6 chapters, 48 articles) compiled by the Law Drafting Committee of the Vietnam Women’s Union, all participants analyzed and assessed the strengths and weaknesses of the draft and made comments and suggestions needed to have the law conform with the trends of the current era.

The comments and suggestions were collected from participants to be used for finalizing the development of policy, especially the contents of the Draft of Gender Equality Law in Vietnam to submit to the National Assembly for approval in the near future.

Women’s Union in Ho Chi Minh City