Ha Nhi Ethnic Woman inspires at the 2nd Dien Hong Award ceremony

The story of Ms. Chu Gi Xu, A Lu Commune Women’s Union President, delegate of A Lu Commune People's Council, Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province at Dien Hong Award Ceremony 2024 has demonstrated the efforts of grassroots women cadres in communication and elimination of backward customs in the highlands.
Ms. Chu Gi Xu

Ms. Chu Gi Xu is the typical character in the collection of stories "People's Council deputies "Untied" for Ha Nhi women" that won B prize of the 2nd Dien Hong Award 2024.

Born in 1988, like many Ha Nhi ethnic women, Xu grew up with the customary laws of her community: Daughters-in-law are not allowed to eat at the same table with a higher position man in the family, must squat or stand eating, ect. Women must do all house works, girls are not allowed to go to school, pregnant women without husband are severely punished according to the community's rules.

Overcoming prejudices, Xu is one of the few Ha Nhi women determined to go to school and got the bachelor’s degree. Thanks to that, Xu stood up and "untied" herself. She often shares her insights on the relationship with her husband and their in-laws, became the first woman in the commune eating at the same table with older men in her husband's family.

Photo from the work "People's Council deputies "Untied" for Ha Nhi women"

Being A Lu Commune WU President, People's Council of Lào Cai province delegate (2021-2026 term), Ms. Chu Gi Xu shared: “Understanding difficulties and challenges faced by Ha Nhi ethnic women, I have actively advocated for the elimination of backward traditions as well as gender stereotypes and outdated customs till now.”

During her tenure, a number of her proposals being discussed and considered at Peoples’s Council meetings toward a new culture and economic conditions improvement in the community.

Xu excitedly shared at the Ceremony: Up to now, all villages in A Lu commune have eliminated customs against Ha Nhi women carrying pregnancy without husbands according to customary law. All villages have built support systems for women's development, leading them toward liberation out of the invisible thread of traditional norms. Ha Nhi women are gradually overcoming prejudices, heading to a better life.

Xu's story of helping ethnic women break prejudices has inspired the community and become a character in articles that won the Award, showing journalism's role as a bridge between the National Assembly, the People's Council decisions and voters nationwide.


The Dien Hong Award is an annual journalism award organized by the National Assembly's Office to honor outstanding journalistic works about the National Assembly and People's Councils. The award aims to promote communication activities, continue to affirm the role and position of the National Assembly and the People's Council, bringing the Party's Resolution to life.

Translated by VWU International Relations Dept.