Give women a real appreciation but not privilege

The speech made by Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hoai Thu, member of the Central Party, Chairman of the Committee of Social Affairs at the talk with the leaders from ministries, central agencies and organizations on the occasion of the 75th anniversary celebration of Vietnam Women’s Union.

In 2005, the Party is 75 years old, so is the VWU, which means the Party has cared for the sake of women since its foundation. It’s the wise and talent of the Party to attentively care for the development of the organizations of women, youth, farmer and trade union since the early days of the revolution. Nowadays, there is no reason for not multiplying this care.


Following the Party’s Care for women, with every single effort spent o­n women, the State will benefit twice (I just mean the modest benefit). I have 2 requests and 1 suggestion to the Party: First, please do not privilege women by lowing down the criteria to have women in higher position and secondly, please do not give women a pity look, but a real appreciation for their strength against their weakness (women have also a lot of weak points and envy is their weakest point). The Party and State should not ask women for abilities they don’t have while not asking them for abilities they possess. By the way, may I suggest that the Party should actively give assignment to women, women will try to fulfill them and will do well. Please don’t evaluate women before giving them jobs to do.


I would like to address to the Government that now Vietnam has o­nly 3 women ministers (belonging to the Ministry of Health, Ministry of War – Invalid, Labor and Social Affairs and the Committee of Population, Family and Children) among 26 government’s members. However, many ministries, agencies at the ministerial level should have but don’t have women leaders. Many agencies used to have but no longer have women leaders (typically, the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ministry of Planning and Investment). Why not women?


I am wondering how you – male leaders feel when having meetings of the leader’s without women.


The women deputies in the National Assembly have gradually increased in number, ratio and quality by each term. However these facts in the term XI are not the highest of the 10 previous terms. However, the National Assembly has put into its agenda the “Law o­n Gender” drafted by the Vietnam Women’s Union and verified by the Committee of Social Affairs. This is a good move. It depends o­n the quality of the draft whether the law is approved by the NA & accepted by the public. This is the responsibility of both the drafting and verifying institutions, which need to work with determination and in support by ministries and agencies at all levels. Nowadays, there’re still o­nes who question: “Are women and men not equal that women have to still ask for equality?” but it’s equality not o­nly for women but also for men.


For the VWU, it has to position itself in the mainstream so as to be considered by the Party & State as an indispensable actor not because of law, not because of high consideration. And, as such the VWU should be consulted by the leaders of ministries and central agencies as well as local authorities o­n any issues related to national welfare and people’s livelihood. It’s somehow like in a family where everything can be done smoothly with the consensus of both husband - householder and wife. At present, the VWU has more than 11 millions members among 42 millions women nationwide– a considerable number. For this reason, the VWU must do their best to ensure women’s position at anywhere of available women’s union, both in internal and external relations, at central and provincial levels, from management agencies to production units and business at the local level. Towards this end, the VWU should further develop and enhance the quality of its members. If the members are strong, the union is strong, too.”


For any work, women must be determined and professional. This is also responsibility of the women’s union, particularly at the local level. Personally, I think the attention towards the local women’s union of the VWU is a sound decision and should be further promoted to ensure all women to be well - equipped with knowledge about life and family.