Each spouse expected to be a messenger of Vietnamese women to international friends

On the afternoon of June 8, 2012, the Central VWU held a meeting with the spouses of 12 heads of Vietnamese repesentative missions who are about to take over the missions in 2017.

On behalf of the VWU leaders, Vice President Bui Thi Hoa warmly received the spouses and expressed the VWU’s appreciation for their concern and sentiment for women's affairs, gender equality and the VWU it self.

Vice President Bui Thi Hoa introduced spouses the key tasks and outstanding activities of the VWU for the period of 2017-2022, emphasizing the task of strengthening international relations. The VWU leader hoped that these accompanying spouses would become active messengers in introducing the image of Vietnamese women, the VWU’s activitiesas well as the gender equality in Vietnam to international friends, in contribution to strengthening and expanding the international relations of the VWU, and become bridges between the VWU and overseas Vietnamese women. Apart from that, the Vice President also conveyed the VWU’s expectation that the spouses would pay attention to the progressivepolicies and good practices of the host countries o­n women and gender equality in order to support the VWU in related issues.

At the meeting, the wives of the heads of Vietnamese representative missions showed their concern to be timely updated with women’s issues in Vietnam and VWU’s activities during the meeting or discussion with international friends and their willingness to support the VWU’s international relations expansion as well as overseas Vietnamese women at request.

On behalf of the VWU leaders, Vice President Bui Thi Hoa presented the spouses with Vietnamese silk scarfs which well match the traditional Ao dai so that they can wear them at official ceremonies in host countries.


Translated by the VWU IRD