Cooperation on gender equality promotion to be strengthened

President of the Vietnam Women's Union (VWU) Nguyen Thi Thu Ha has a meeting with the Ambassador of Belgium to Vietnam Jehanne Roccas to exchange information on women issues, gender equality and combat against domestic violence in Vietnam on 22 September.


At the meeting, VWU President Nguyen Thi Thu Ha expresses the VWU’s gratitude towards the Government of Belgium for its support o­n a number of development projects for poor women in Vietnam, including the project "Capacity building for the VWU in managing saving - credit programs for poor women" in 7 provinces (1996-2012). Although this project ended, the Belgian partners still pay attention to the VWU’s activities. o­n the occasion of 8 March 2016, the Embassy of Belgium, UN Women Vietnam and VWU jointly organized the exhibition of comics and cartoons on gender equality to raise the public awareness o­n this issue.


On this occasion, VWU President Thu Ha also introduces the Ambassador the VWU’s activities, highlighting its participation in formulating and proposing policies and laws o­n gender equality, women and children related policies and overseeing their enforcement as well. VWU hopes a further strengthened cooperation and support from Belgium o­n micro-credit; programs o­n assisting women in poverty reduction, women’s economic empowerment in the context of international integration, coupled with development models; domestic violence prevention and control and cooperation o­n educational exchanges with the Vietnam Women's Academy, etc.

Ambassador Jehanne Roccas expresses her interests in the VWU’s activities and shows commitment to promoting further cooperation with VWU o­n women issues, gender equality and domestic violence combat. She also pays special attention to the operations of shelters, especially the Peace House shelters run by VWU, which provides support for victims of human trafficking and domestic violence.


Translated by the VWU International Relations Department