16th Congress of Women’s International Democracy Federation ends successfully

The 16th Congress of the Women's International Democratic Federation (WIDF) took place from September 14-18, 2016 in Bogota, Colombia. The Vietnam Women's Union (VWU) sent a delegation led by its First Vice President Hoang Thi Ai Nhien to this important event of the world’s democratic and progressive women's movement.

Under the theme "Women United for Peace and in the Struggle Against Imperialism", the Congress attracted the participation of 255 delegates from 64 WIDF affiliate organizations in 44 countries. This high attendance shows the commitment of the organizations towards the WIDF in the global financial difficulties.


The presentations and interventions at workshops and plenary session have highlighted such challenges facing women today as war and conflict, exploitation of imperialism, food security and climate change, challenges to workers’ rights, cultural diversity. etc. Through its Congress, the WIDF expressed clearly its determination to build a united, innovative federation, deserving its glorious traditions of struggling for peace, democracy and women’s equal rights for over 70 years.

Speaking at the congress, VWU First Vice President Hoang Thi Ai Nhien expressed the deep gratitude of Vietnamese women to the WIDF for its valuable support both mentally and materially during the tough years of the war against US invaders. She shared about the achievements as well as challenges to Vietnamese womentoday, particularly the aftermaths of Agent Orange/dioxin sprayed by the US army during Vietnam war and challenges to peace and stability in the East Sea. The Vice President affirmed that the VWU, as a responsible WIDF affiliate member, will always proactively share experience, keep solidarity and foster connectivity with progressive women's organizations in the world. At this Congress, the VWU presented $ 2,000 worth of donation to the WIDF.

At the Congress, the VWU delegation made a presentation o­n climate change, and proposed the Congress to adopt resolutions o­n supporting Agent Orange/dioxin victims in Vietnam and o­n supporting peace, stability and adherence to international law in the East Sea, The main points of which have been included in the Congress’ Resolution. The VWU delegation also had meetings with many WIDF affiliated organizations from the Philippines, Japan, Cuba, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Cyprus, etc.

The WIDF Congress concluded successfully in the spirit of international solidarity. Ms. Lorena Pena from El Salvador was elected as WIDF President for the 2016 – 2020 term. The Congress also elected 10 Vice Presidents and 5 regional Coordinators representing Asia, Europe, Africa, America and the Arab countries (2 Vice Presidents and 1 Coordinator for each region). Vietnam continues being a member of WIDF Steering Committee.

On this occasion, VWU delegation also had meetings with Colombia’sPresidential Office o­n Equality for Women, Bogota District Secretariat for Women, and Vietnamese Honorary Consulate General in Bogota.

 Ảnh minh họa

 VWU First Vice President Hoang Thi Ai Nhien and WIDF leaders at press conference before the Congress



VWU International Relations Dept.