“October Flowers” Program

On the morning of October 19, the Vietnam Women's Union (VWU) organized a program to praise 293 outstanding Presidents of Grassroots WUs in 2023 at the Vietnam-Soviet Friendship Labor Cultural Palace. With the theme "October Flowers", the program honors the VWU's grassroots staff who have been strongly committed to VWU work and the women's movement nationwide.
H.E Mr. Tran Thanh Man - Politburo Member, Permanent Vice Chairman of Viet Nam National Assembly and H.E Ms. Ha Thi Nga - Member of Party Central Committee, President of Vietnam Women's Union award merit certificates to honor outstanding Presidents of Grassroots Women's Unions in 2023.

Attending the program, Politburo Member, Permanent Vice Chairman of Viet Nam National Assembly Tran Thanh Man acknowledged and highly appreciated the efforts and achievements of VWU staff at all levels.

H.E Mr. Tran Thanh Man and delegates

The program was attended by 293 delegates who are outstanding Presidents of Grassroots WUs, selected from 63 provinces and cities and 2 armed forces units nationwide. The average age of delegates is 41 years old, specifically the oldest is aged 55 (11 delegates) and the youngest is aged 31 (03 delegates).

Regarding ethnic composition, Kinh delegates accounted for 79.18%; ethnic minorities accounted for 20.82% (61 delegates representing 25 ethnic groups); religious believers accounted for 4.78% (14 delegates).

The program also has the companionship and support of the Ministry of Public Security, Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, and Vietnam Television.

Previously, on October 18, outstanding Presidents of the Grassroots WUs visited President Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum and had meeting with H.E Ms. Truong Thi Mai - Politburo Member, Executive Secretary of the Party Central Committee, Head of the Party Central Committee's Organization Commission, to share about their work as well as aspirations.

H.E Ms. Truong Thi Mai - Politburo member, Executive Secretary of Party Central Committee, Head of Party Central Committee's Organization Commission  and delegates.

Translated by VWU International Relations Dept.