• Start-up ideas connected with job I love

    The Contest "Start-up ideas connected with job I love" launched by Le Thi Rieng Vocational School (in Ho Chi Minh City) promises to offer many new ideas and breakthroughs, providing a familiar playground for those who own ideas and want to start a business.
  • Women’s start-up in Central and Central Highlands regions learning ways to add value to products

    On June 17th and 18th, the Central Vietnam Women's Union (VWU) organized a training to provide knowledge and skills for women’s start-up in the Central and Central Highlands regions on business models development, value added products, how to develop project proposals or ideas to meet requirements, criteria and to be selected to participate in the 4th Women's Start-up Contest of regional round.
  • VWU to support women’s start-up in context of Covid-19 pandemic

    In recent time, the Women’s Union at all levels has conducted many programs, activities to accompany with women in realizing their start-up dream in the context of Covid-19 pandemic outbreak.
  • Women’s Start-up Contest 2021

    Officially launched in mid -February 2021, the Women’s Start-up Contest in 2021 continues to provide a playground for women to demonstrate their capabilities and roles.
  • Contest “Women Creative Start-up - Successful Connection” finalized

    68 excellent projects were awarded with more than 8 billion VND at the Contest “Women Start-up - Successful Connection”. The award ceremony took place in Hanoi on October 13rd with the attendance by Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam.