• How to tackle human trafficking?

    Many conferences and workshops have been held and many extensive campaigns have been launched against human trafficking. However, the criminals are still at large. How can the country find an effective measure to stop this serious crime?
  • Community ready to help HIV/AIDS children

    The face of an eight-year old girl in a pink dress brightens when she talks about her class and her games with friends. She also likes singing. Looking at her, no-one would imagine that this optimistic and happy girl, Nguyen Thi Xuan is living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Clubs that ease the stress of caring

    In Vietnam,’ empathy clubs’ are helping to ease the stress felt by older carers of people living with HIV and AIDS.
  • Viettel funds surgeries for children with birth deformities

    Vietnam Military Telecommunication Corporation (Viettel) has committed in partnership with the Operation Smile Vietnam organisation to funding operations for about 100 - 120 children suffering harelips and cleft palates, who are living in the northern rural areas, in July, 2008.
  • Ethnic minorities supported to overcome difficulties

    As of late May 2008, about 181,600 ethnic minority households with nearly 767,000 people in the whole country still suffered hunger. This is announced at a conference held in Hannoi on July 1 on deploying the Government's Decree 60/2008/NÐ-CP.
  • Beauty and brains

    Industry experts say education, intellect becoming just as important as looks at international beauty pageants – Vietnam should take note.
  • Vietnam supports efforts to stop conflicts, protect children

    Vietnam wants to contribute to the full and effective implementation of UN resolutions, including those adopted by the Security Council, aimed at creating “A World Fit for Children”.
  • Vietnamese people diligent, skilful and very creative: diplomat, educator

    Ton Nu Thi Ninh, former Deputy Chairwoman of the National Assembly’s Foreign Affairs Committee, who has been well known in Vietnam and the world as the wonderful diplomat, says that she wants to prove that Vietnamese people are not only industrious and skilful, but also very creative.
  • Women of Vietnam Newspaper: six decades of development

    On March 8th, 1948 the first bulletins credited to a Vietnamese women’s newspaper were circulated in Viet Bac – the holy revolutionary base of Vietnam during the resistance against the French colonialists.
  • Vietnam proud to host Vesak celebrations, says VFF leader

    That Vietnam is selected to host the United Nations Day of Vesak and the fifth International Buddhist seminar is a pride of the whole nation, President of the Viet Nam Fatherland Front (VFF) Huynh Dam has said.
  • Buddhist monks, nuns come home for Vesak

    A senior government official reiterated Vietnam’s policy on freedom of religious beliefs, saying that Buddhism and other religions enjoy equality in development in Vietnam and they have markedly contributed to national development.
  • Law-makers hear revisions on drug law

    Vietnam’s security chief has called for Law on Drug Prevention and Combat revisions and supplements to be considered to provide a legal system able to deal with the realities of combating drugs.
  • Vocational training for ex-drug addicts gains results

    A programme that has established rehabilitation centres, vocational training provision and job generation for former drug addicts in seven provinces and cities has recorded encouraging results after five years of implementation.
  • Yen Bai province benefits from Spain’s ODA

    Northern mountainous Yen Bai province has got better TV programmes from central station thanks to a project funded by the Spanish government.
  • Belgian organisation helps disabled kids

    The Belgium-based Donxa organisation will finance surgeries for 32 poor disabled children in northern Vinh Phuc province, which is estimated to cost two million VND each.
  • ASEAN meets to promote labour safety

    Making national occupational security and hygiene ( OSH ) programmes for ASEAN countries was the theme of an international symposium opened in Hanoi on May 12 with the host Vietnam setting an example.
  • Centre offers homeless kids sense of family

    With an alarming number of homeless children in Viet Nam, one Vietnamese couple is trying to follow the commandment "love your neighbours as yourself", bringing disadvantaged children into their own home.
  • Mauled baby gets fresh start in life

    Left for dead and mauled by wild animals, little Phung Thien Nhan’s early days were filled with tragedy. But today the two-year-old is enjoying a positive twist to his unhappy fate - and the promise of a new start in life.
  • Kidnapping haunts lives in border area

    Sung A Cau’s one-year-old son was kidnapped by human traffickers in Mu Sang Ward in Lai Chau Province while his wife was visiting relatives.
  • Gender imbalance puts women in the lead

    With fewer women born and more of them marrying foreigners, a lot of men may be left feeling lonely.
  • Traditional virtues weigh on modern women

    Who is the perfect modern woman? A high-powered businessperson or a skilful housewife?
  • Social work a conduit to health in Vietnam

    For academics at Memorial University of Newfoundland and in Vietnam health problems are part of larger social issues and require the expertise of social workers
  • GIPA commitment review meeting

    GIPA commitment review meeting was held by GIPA project in Vietnam Women’s Museum in the morning of March 19th, to share experiences and finding solutions to promote effectively GIPA commitments addressed in GIPA National Workshop in August 2007.
  • Elderly Relatives of HIV/AIDS Victims Bear Brunt of Support

    Sixty- five -year- old Nguyen Thi Kim Chung’s late son was forced to rely on supportive relatives to buy medicine. As a housewife, Chung has no pension, forcing her to depend on her husband’s meagre salary to cover the daily needs of her five-member family.
  • Women, children trafficking on borderlines in focus

    The police and border guards will intensify their operations in 2008 to crack down on women and children trafficking acrossing borderlines with China and Cambodia.
  • Woman prospers with brocade fabric business

    If Thuan Thi Tru has her way, Cham-style brocade fabrics will become a fashion statement worldwide.
  • New mother bursts into tears as relief workers bring food

    THANH HOA — Nursing mother Le Thi Nghia burst into tears when food and medicine arrived at the Thach Thanh General Hospital.
  • Orientation Workshop on Access to Coordinated Credit and Enterprise Development Services

    The workshop was organized from 29 to 30 August in Hanoi with the participation of core cadres from 17 provincial/municipal Women’s Unions working on the project “Access to Coordinated Credit and Enterprise Development Services.”
  • VWU takes interests in returning war heroes’ favor

    To develop the traditional moral standard of “when drinking water, remember its source”, VWU takes great interest in returning war heroes’ favor and has implemented a number of effective activities.

  • Education key to curbing birth rate

    Cam Xuyen District, Ha Tinh Province, is making an all-out effort to stabilise the local population with the co-operation of the whole community.