• The old lady with 60 – year Vietnamese nationality in Tahiti Island

    After 60 years of struggling to earn a living in Laos and Tahiti Island (France), Mrs. Pham Thi Le has returned to Vietnam to reunite with her family, after having no contact with them during this time. Her hometown is Ninh Hoa village, Khanh Hoa province. This is the story about Mrs. Pham Thi Le’s life and journey to return to her hometown and family
  • Two Vietnamese-French people contribute to their native country

    Thanks to the new regulations of the Vietnamese Government on adoption, more and more foreigners are coming to Vietnam to adopt children.

  • Vietnamese-French star begins film career in homeland

    Vietnamese-French TV anchor and singer Marjolaine Bui-The has taken the plunge as an actress and is shooting for her first film in Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Ms. Nguyet and News Kiosk in Phnom Penh

    For over four years, overseas Vietnamese in Cambodia have been able to read hot news from the homeland on daily Vietnamese newspapers thanks to Ms. Nguyen Thi Nguyet’s news kiosk in Phnom Penh Capital.
  • Pham Quynh Anh becomes Star!

    With the song “Bonjour Vietnam”, singer Pham Quynh Anh continues to affirm herself as a star. We would like to hereby introduce the newest article in a French Newspaper to you to know more about Quynh Anh from a foreigners’ point of view.

  • Expats in Laos keep mother tongue alive

    An association of overseas Vietnamese in Laos have had great success in their unstinting efforts to preserve their national culture, ensuring the next generation will not forget the Vietnamese language and their country of origin.
  • Kim Lan Thai – a Vietnamese soul

    ‘Kim Lan Thai is what Western people call Dr. Thai Kim Lan, name first and then surname. Dr. Thai Kim Lan, a philosophy professor at Munich city in Germany is both a talented and beautiful women.
  • Get-together among patriotic Vietnamese Cambodian residents

    A get-together hosted by the Resistance War Tradition Club of overseas Vietnamese Cambodian was held in Ho Chi Minh City on the 2nd April. More than 1,700 people participated, most of which originated from the Southern provinces.
  • Overseas Vietnamese student becomes Miss Asia in US

    Vietnamese-American Jennifer Pham has become Miss Asia USA at a beauty pageant held in California.
  • Vietnam grabs five golds on opening day of Hanoi athletics

    On the opening day of the Hanoi International Track and Field Open, Thursday, hosts Vietnam won five gold medals besides a silver and bronze medal each.