• Vietnam women’s Union and global exchange – America

    Global Exchange (GX) is a non-profitable organization in America, established in 1988 to promote the equality on environment, politics and society.
  • Swedish International Development Agency (Sida)

    Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) belonging to the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is one of the biggest development cooperation agencies of Swedish Government for the developing countries mainly in Africa, Latin America and Asia, including Vietnam.
  • Vietnam Women’s Union and Kovalevskaia fund

    At the early 70’s, in Princeton University, New Jersey State- one of the well-known Universities in America- a big demonstration by students took place on the way leading to the Institute of National Defense Study to protest against Vietnam War.
  • Kids first (America)

    Kids First- which is an humanitarian and non-profitable organization in America was established in 1997 to provide assistance to disadvantaged groups in Quang Tri province, Vietnam.