The University of Queensland, Australia organized a summer course at the Vietnamese Women's Museum

The University of Queensland, Australia joined hands with the Department of Cultural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to organize a one day summer course with the theme “Formal Learning” at the Vietnamese Women's Museum on January 6th 2017. The museum welcomed 11 Australian and 12 Vietnamese students. Both lecturers were from Australia.

The course provided students with the definition of formal learning regarding its forms, elements, and the connection between museums and schools. The application of technology in formal learning, such as using audio guides was also mentioned.

Based o­n general theories from the lecturers and information from representatives of the Vietnamese Women’s Museum, students proposed some tools to improve formal learning activities at the museum through the use of audio guides for specific groups. Ideas o­n the museum’s themes including women in family, women in resistance wars, as well as child-friendly content were discussed along with the expected outcomes and application methods.

The course ended in a friendly atmosphere as each student had an engaging experience at the Vietnamese Women's Museum. The museum itself received a lot of useful suggestion and hopes to incorporate them into its activities in the near future.'s-museum