President of Vietnam Women's Union, Ha Thi Khiet met with President of Chile-Vietnam Cultural Institute

In the afternoon of May 16, Mme. Ha Thi Khiet, member of the Central Party Committee, President of Vietnam Women's Union warmly received Mme. Patricia Abazua Munos, President of Chile-Vietnam Cultural Institute on her working visit to Vietnam at the invitation of the Vietnam Friendship Association.

President Ha Thi Khiet expressed her pleasure to meet again her friend from Chile in the context that the whole country is directing toward the celebration of 115th birthday of the great President Ho Chi Minh. Mme.Khiet wished that the Chile-Vietnam Cultural Institute would continue its role as a bridge for cultural exchange and scientific research for women of the 2 countries. She hopes that this will facilitate women in Chile to have better understanding about how Vietnam has revived and developed for the last 30 years after the war.

Mme. Patricia Abazua Munos thanked Mme. Khiet for the meeting. She informed that the image of Vietnamese women characterized by being hardworking, resourceful and courage in the fights against foreign invaders has become familiar to women and people in Chile. She loves Vietnam and will continue activities to push up cultural exchange between the 2 countries. In the coming time, communication o­n Vietnam will be promoted by the Chile-Vietnam Cultural Institute to further tighten the friendship and cooperation between people of the 2 countries.

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