Panel exhibition “Vietnamese women in the struggle for the National Reunification

On the occasion of 30th anniversary of the liberation of the South and the nation’s Reunification, from 21st to 22 April, the Vietnamese Women’s Museum in coordination with the Primary School Nguyen Kha Trac, Cau Giay District, HaNoi organized the Panel Exhibition: “Vietnamese Women in the struggle for the National Reunification” (1954-1975).

With more than 100 original documents, objects, images and photos in which there are many images and photos with historical values to introduce the typical examplaries like: the People Military Heroine Ta Thi Kieu, Nguyen Thi Ut, Mother Suot, Vo Thi Thang...the Exhibition provides an overview of the Vietnamese women’s great contribution in the struggle for the National Reunification, highlights the heroic exploits of women in the South in the fields of political struggle, military proselyte, armed struggle, under groundactivity. Together with women in the South, women in the North have paid considerable efforts in the cause of building the stable and strong rear area, supplying human resources and materials for the great front of the South, contributing to the victory of the Spring 1975.


Madame Do Thi Kim Loan, Deputy Chief of the Primary School Nguyen Kha Trac said: “This Exhibition is very educative and necessary to our teachers as well as pupils. The displayed images, photos and objects help us better understand the great contribution and sacrifice of Vietnamese women in the struggle for the National Reunification


Since 2004 Vietnam Women’s Museum has sent mobile exhibition to schools and remote areas in the country as a task to socialize the work of museum to all the strata of people.
by Manh Ha, Vietnam Women’s Museum