Launching the club “Women take part in environmental protection”

On July 30th 2009, Bac Giang provincial Women’s Union organized the launching of the club “women take part in environmental protection” at the hall of Song Mai People’s Committee.

At present, the club has 50 women members. The aim of the club is to increase the awareness of the community o­n the importance of environmental protection in daily life; provide women and people knowledge o­n environmental protection through activities of cultural and art exchange and performance, help women and people to be aware of protecting and keeping the environment green, clean and nice.


The club also creates opportunities for women to take participate in community activities, exchange information related to environmental protection, share experiences in production and doing business, organizing family life and child-rearing. After being fully aware of the importance of the environmental protection, women will actively take part in local activities to protect the environment.


With the establishment of the club “Women take part in environmental protection”, the environmental protection under the direction of the People’s Committee and mass organization will be implemented better at the locality. This club model will be replicated widely in Bac Giang province in the coming years.


Nguyen Phuong- Bac Giang Women’s Union
Translated by Int’l Relations Dept