Female physician of Cho Ro ethnic taking great care of people’s health

Recent years have witnessed remarkable improvements of the health care work for local people, especially for the ethnic minority group, in Xuan Thien commune, Thong Nhat district, Dong Nai province, which also come from the significant contribution of devoted Thi Nhon, a female physician of Cho Ro ethnic.

Graduating from Dong Nai Medical College in 1999, Thi Nhon was assigned to work in Xuan Thien communal medical clinic. With a strong attachment behaviour to work, she always upholds medical ethics. She passionately takes care not o­nly of patients regardless of time but also visit elderly and weak patients for their health check and treatments at home. While epidemic diseases happen in localities, she comes to villages to remind and provide the instructions to the local people for better prevention of diseases. Thanks to that, the awareness of 100% of Cho Ro ethnic households as well as the local people o­n cleaning home and surrounding areas to prevent mosquitoes causing malaria and dengue has been significantly increased.

Thi Nhon shared: “Being a Cho Ro ethnic person, I encourage Cho Ro women to go to the medical clinic for treatment (eg, gynecological diseases) when they hesitate to communicate with Kinh people or show them how to use medicines if they are illiterate.”

Being aware that “Medical profession is a noble and glorious career”, she always considers patients at the medical clinic as her relatives and shares partly their pains and worries. Every month and every quarter, along with other clinic staffs and the village leader, she comes to each household to tell them about the benefits of healthcare and diseases prevention, food safety and family planning. As a result, because of her dedication, she was appointed as Deputy Head of Xuan Thien communal medical clinic in 2014.

Ms. Nhon said, o­n peak days, the clinic do the examination and treatment of over 60 people. They also work closely with the preventive health care team to take part in the national healthcare programs such as expanded program o­n Immunization, Malaria and Tuberculosis prevention and control. She always keeps in mind that she will do her best to take care of people o­nce she is still a physician. It is the responsibility and happiness to her.

Mr Tho Noi at Xuan Thien village, Xuan Thien commune shares his impression about Thi Nhon: “Ms. Nhon is a very enthusiastic. She explains drug instructions in Cho Ro language to ethnic people. Also, she told us the importance of cleanness during a dengue fever disease several years ago in the commune.”

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Lang, Head of Xuan Thien communal medical clinic also said: “Thi Nhon works enthusiastically. Specifically, as a Cho Ro ethnic person, she does a very good mobilization and encouragement towards patients in the clinic and people in the villages to have health checkup.”

With their great efforts, Ms. Nhon and other nurses and doctors at Xuan Thien communal medical clinic have made contributions to the building the new rural area in the locality over the last years. She has been awarded a number of merits of the commune and district for her work o­n healthcare and malaria prevention. Her example not o­nly strengthens the trust and faith of ethnic minorities to the Party and the State but also shows a great portrait of the physician among local people.

Translated by VWU’S IRD