Consultation workshop to introduce gender-responsive manual of National Target Programme (NTP) on socio-economic development in ethnic minority areas

A hybrid consultation Workshop on monitoring gender mainstreaming in the NTP on socio-economic development in ethnic minority areas was organized on March 31 in Hanoi and other provinces/cities.
Ms. Do Thi Thu Thao, VWU’s 1st Vice-President speaks at the workshop

Speaking at the opening of the workshop, Ms. Do Thi Thu Thao, VWU’s 1st Vice-President affirmed that the draft document developed by the VWU in collaboration with the World Bank's working group will be an important and necessary one which will help to support relevant agencies and WUs in evaluating and monitoring the implementation of gender-related indicators of the program.

Ms. Lo Thi Thu Thuy, Head of Ethnic and Religious Department, Central VWU facilitates the discussion at the workshop

Ms. Stefani Stallmeister, Project’s Executive Director of the World Bank Office in Vietnam, emphasized "We hope to be able to contribute and support ethnic minority women within the scope of the program and look forward to continuing to cooperate with the VWU in future programs".

Workshops are held in person in Hanoi and online at other provinces and cities

At the workshop, participants focused on contributing ideas on key issues such as the rationality between the contents in the document layout; ways and methods of information collection, defining gender indicators and monitoring, evaluation of the implementation of these indicators in the NTP, etc.

Ms. Le Kim Anh, President of the Hanoi Women's Union contributes ideas to the document

The NTP on socio-economic development in ethnic minority areas for 2021 - 2030 period is very important as it provides support to comprehensively improve the life of people in ethnic minority and mountainous areas. The Project 8 "Realizing gender equality and solving urgent problems for women and children" is one of 10 major projects under this program.

For the first time in a National Target Program, there is such a specific, independent and gender-sensitive project with large scale and resources which is assigned to the VWU as the focal point. That confirms the Party and State's interest in gender equality in general, gender equality in ethnic minority and mountainous areas in particular.

Translated by VWU’s IRD