• Growing up together with development of Vietnam Women's Union

    At the end of April 2004, Jaap Voeten, a lecturer-cum-advisor of maastricht school of management (MSM-Holland), a technical consultant to vwu project on "Training women about small and micro enterprises", was presented with the medal "for the cause of women's emancipation" by VWU Vice President Nguyen Phuong Minh for his great contribution to the advancement of women and women entrepreneurs in Vietnam. through his cooperation with VWU over the past ten years, his skills have developed along with the development of VWU.
  • VWU calls for support for victims of agent orange

    VWU recently organized a solemn meeting to support Agent Orange (AO) victims in Vietnam filed a lawsuit against the US chemical companies. VWU president Ha Thi Khiet, the Vice-President of the Association of AO victims of Vietnam, Do Xuan Dien, and many other cadres of VWU’s central office were present at the meeting.
  • The stylish Xa tich (Key chain)

    The 54 national groups in Vietnam have many extraordinary traditional costumes that are regarded as part of the precious, intangible cultural heritage of Vietnam.
  • The Vietnamese - Belgian credit Project: 5 years of supporting rural women

    The projecton “strengthening of the institutional capacity of the Vietnamese Women’s Union in managing credlt/savings in favor of the rural poor women” (shortly as Vietnamese - Belgian credit project) has been implemented its activities since 1997 and covered 207 communes in 17 provinces nationwide. with the fund from government of Belgium, 900 women’s unions’ cadres at levels have been joined training courses to improve their awareness and experiences on meeting requirements of the computerized management system and ensure rotation of the credit fund.
  • Participation of Asia-Pacific NGOs in the Beijing-related process

    Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working on women’s issues have been very active during the ten years since the 4th World Conference on Women (the “Beijing Conference”) held in Beijing in 1995. They have worked to implement the Beijing Platform for Action for Equality, Development and Peace and to gather data and opinions on women’s emerging issues in order to pressure the United Nations as well as its member states to ensure responsive policies.
  • The United Nation’s Fund for Women’s Development and its collaboration with Vietnam Women’s Union

    The United Nations’ Fund for Women’s Development (UNIFEM) was established in 1976 with the mission to provide direct support for projects promoting women’s participation in decision-making process of development programmes
  • International Organization for Migration and Vietnam Women’s Union in prevention of trafficking in women and children

    Being an inter-governmental organization established in 1951, up to present, International Organization for Migration (IOM) has 101 state members and 31 state observers including Vietnam.
  • HelpAge International and Vietnam Women’s Union in caring and promoting activities for elderly women

    HelpAge International (HAI) is s global network, established since 1983 with the mission to work with and for disadvantaged elder people worldwide to achieve better livelihood.
  • The cooperation between "world in harmony" - Spain and the Vietnam women's union

    "World In Harmony" (WIH) is an international voluntary charitable non-governmental organization based in Madrid, Spain, founded by H.E Princess Irene of Greek since 1986.